Bearcat (noun): 1920s slang term for a hot-blooded or feisty woman. 

Launching December 2016, Bearcat is a podcast celebrating women who push boundaries, hosted by reporters Brittany Shoot and Amy Westervelt. Links, episodes, and audio players soon! 

Our Story

As female reporters and just women in general, living in this country at this particular point in history, we find ourselves having a couple of conversations over and over again.

The first one goes something like this: "Hey I know this amazing, ass-kicking 80-something woman who pre-dates feminism but is so much more fierce than women I know in their 50s and 60s. What happened there? Did it help to have something official to push against? And how do we get that spirit back while continuing to dismantle institutional sexism." 

The second goes something like this: "Today I interviewed a guy for a story who decided to take 10 minutes worth of our 20-minute interview time to explain to me how journalism works. Sigh." 

And so, Bearcat was birthed. A place to raise up the fierce and inspiring women busting boundaries from the 1940s to now, a place to interview only women and to honor what's great about them.